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Better patient communication for better care and engagement

Effective patient communication is at the heart of a successful medical practice. It’s not just about delivering medical care; it’s also about creating a meaningful and lasting relationship with your patients. In today’s digital age, the landscape of communication has expanded, offering numerous channels to connect with patients. From appointment reminders to follow-up care instructions and handling patient inquiries, these communication strategies can enhance patient satisfaction and overall practice success. 1. Appointment Reminders: Keeping Patients on Track Missed appointments can lead to gaps in care and disrupt the scheduling flow of your practice. Utilizing appointment reminders helps to reduce no-show rates and keep patients engaged. Here are some tips to enhance your appointment reminder strategy: Multi-Channel Reminders: Send reminders via multiple channels, including text messages, emails, and even automated voice… . . . read more.


Effective staff scheduling: Balance coverage, satisfaction, and work-life harmony

Achieving the delicate balance between adequate staffing coverage, employee satisfaction, and work-life balance is a task that requires finesse and strategic thinking. Consider these innovative scheduling techniques and software solutions that can help you optimize your staff scheduling process for the benefit of both your team and your patients. The challenge of staff scheduling Balancing the needs of your medical office can often feel like solving a complex puzzle. You must ensure that all necessary roles are covered at all times to provide high-quality patient care, while also catering to your employees’ individual preferences and personal commitments. Overstaffing can lead to unnecessary costs, while understaffing can jeopardize patient safety and staff morale. This is where innovative scheduling techniques come into play. Embrace flexibility with rotating shifts One effective technique is… . . . read more.


How to see your last patient on time

Getting the doctor to see the first patient of the day on schedule is no great feat. Seeing the last patient of the day on time can be a struggle. Here are some ways to make that happen: Implement an Effective Scheduling System A well-structured scheduling system is the foundation for keeping appointments on track. Consider using an electronic health record (EHR) or practice management software that allows you to manage appointments efficiently. The system should offer features such as real-time updates, automated reminders, and the ability to reschedule or cancel appointments easily. Set Realistic Time Intervals for Appointments Avoid overbooking or underestimating the time needed for appointments. Analyze historical data to identify average appointment durations for different types of visits. Ensure that sufficient time is allocated for each patient,… . . . read more.


Be smart about scheduling to retain hourly employees

Staff scheduling can significantly impact the success of your practice. While scheduling may seem like a routine administrative task, its importance in retaining your valuable hourly employees cannot be overstated. A well-designed and thoughtful scheduling system can lead to increased job satisfaction, higher productivity, and improved staff retention rates. . Depending on the size and structure of your practice, you might have some of these staff members on hourly wages instead of monthly salary—receptionist, medical assistant, billing and coding specialist, medical transcriptionist, records technician, medical equipment tech, office cleaner and office assistant. Good scheduling practices could give them: Consistency and predictability By providing consistent and predictable work schedules, you demonstrate your commitment to fairness and respect for your employees’ time. Hourly employees often face challenges in balancing their work and… . . . read more.


Improving your revenue cycle efficiency

Modern medical practices are experiencing immense pressures as a result of increased regulatory scrutiny, changing reimbursement mechanisms, and a shift toward…

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How one medical center created their dream schedule

I work at a small primary care office- two physicians and two NPs. One of the physicians is married to one of the NPs, and they are expecting…

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5 efficiency-draining traps to avoid in your practice

By Karen Mattocks, Vice President of Business Development at RxVantage  bio
It is a practice manager’s worst nightmare. You arrive at work one morning and suddenly realize you no longer have a grip on…

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MANAGING THE OFFICE launches first universal “web-wide” online scheduling solution for healthcare providers, a customer experience platform purpose-built for the healthcare industry, has launched ScheduleSync™, the first universal web-wide online scheduling solution for…

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