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4 steps to preventing medical claim denials

By Ricki Ransom  bio
It’s no secret that the relationship between health care providers and insurance companies is complicated. Healthcare providers are spending a significant amount of time and energy with patients just to…

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Should your practice invest in medical billing software?

By Aiden Spencer  bio
There has been considerable debate among physicians about whether or not it is beneficial to get an EHR (electronic health record). If your practice is…

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Do you have the ‘right stuff’ to be a successful medical office manager?

As the office manager of a medical practice, you have an opportunity to learn, grow, and make a…

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21 easy ways to boost practice profitability fast

Simple changes to billing procedures, hiring policies, purchasing, patient relations, and other daily activities can have a positive impact on…

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The key ingredients of a profitable medical practice

Medical office managers are often so focused on the day-to-day that it can be easy to lose sight of the…

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Could your boss be the next Dr. Oz?

The medical practitioners in your office are more than knowledgeable; they are thought leaders in their respective fields. So why not…

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How to deliver a great presentation on any topic

To grow in the job, a manager has to communicate ideas and visions and recommendations. And the presentation of them…

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ICD-10: from transition to full implementation—and the first round of updates

The transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10, which took effect October 1, 2015, has significantly impacted health care providers. An entirely new set of…

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Staff work as a financial team and increase the up-front payments

With all its staff – front desk, billing, and clinical – working as a financial team, a North Little Rock, AR, surgery practice has increased its pre-surgery payments by…

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This 2 step program makes it easy to collect more money at the time of service

Ask any office “how well do you collect at the time of service?” and the answer will be “outstanding!”…

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