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Medication errors associated with health information technology

Use of health information technology (HIT), such as computerized prescriber order entry systems and pharmacy information systems, can help prevent…

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Spreadsheets track everything from payers to subscriptions

The manager of a surgical medical office in Maine tracks both the big and the not-so-big elements of office management on spreadsheets. The spreadsheets show…

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Health IT safety collaborative releases new safe practices for patient identification

Improving the accuracy of patient identification remains a challenge across all healthcare settings. In fact, the ECRI Institute recently completed its…

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Machine learning and healthcare: Improving outcomes through predictive analytics

Machine learning is a part of everyday life for most Americans, from navigation apps to Amazon’s omniscient purchase recommendations. But in healthcare…

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For a Colorado clinic, telecommuting fills the gap in long-term absences

A large Colorado clinic has started allowing staff to work from home. But unlike most employers, it doesn’t…

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How to reduce patient stress and pain during vaccination

A study published by the American Academy of Pediatrics examined the reasons for vaccine delays and found that three-quarters of surveyed doctors said parents postponed shots over concerns about…

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How would you grade your cybersecurity program?

DomainTools, a leader in domain name and DNS-based cyber threat intelligence, has released its 2017 Cybersecurity Report Card global research…

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Beware of HIPAA-related text messaging risks

The ease, speed, and efficiency of mobile device-based text messaging has made it a primary communications tool among doctors and other health care providers, covered entities, and business associates. But this convenience can also lead to security risks, cautions Melissa (Lisa) Thompson, a shareholder in…

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IBM Watson Health and FDA to improve public health using blockchain technology

IBM Watson Health has signed a research initiative with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) aimed at defining a secure, efficient, and…

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Should your practice invest in medical billing software?

By Aiden Spencer  bio
There has been considerable debate among physicians about whether or not it is beneficial to get an EHR (electronic health record). If your practice is…

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