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Communication dos and don’ts

Managers still spend a great deal of time communicating face to face, despite the proliferation of technology. However, because of technology, verbal communication skills sometimes take a backseat to…

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How to determine the order of multiple insurance coverages

By Ranadene (Randi) K. Tapio, MBA, CMRS, CMC, Guest Contributor  bio
When patients have multiple insurance coverage, at times it can be difficult to determine which one is primary, secondary, and tertiary. Sometimes, the patients don’t even know…

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7 terms to include in your patient debt collection agency services contract

Outsourcing patient collections enables medical practices to generate needed cash flow and concentrate on clinical operations. That, at least, is the theory. But the strategy…

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Want to improve collections? Start by looking at your Patient Registration System

By Ranadene (Randi) K. Tapio, MBA, CMRS, CMC, Guest Contributor  bio
When registering patients in your system, do you collect all the information you need to effectively set them up…

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Keep things moving: reduce wait times while still giving patients the attention they deserve

It’s the catch-22 of a medical practice: How do you keep the patients flowing without compromising patient care? There are solutions to the problem, and they aren’t all high tech, but they do…

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How to write a strong collection letter

Increasing patient payments improves the practice’s bottom line. But how exactly do you motivate patients to pay…

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Role-playing turns front and back office staff into one team

When there’s a people issue, especially when the front desk butts heads with the nursing staff, the manager of a Virginia family medicine group office brings…

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Employee incentive program increases number of patient well exams—and practice revenue

Pediatric Medical Group of Santa Maria, located in Santa Maria, CA, has found a way to quadruple the amount of well child and well baby exams at its…

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Miracle Flights provides 724 free medical flights in August

The nation’s leading medical flight charity, Miracle Flights, has reported 724 free flights provided in August to critically ill children and adults in need of specialized…

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5 essential steps to ensure an effective HIPAA program

By Danika Brinda  bio
HIPAA Compliance is a term that is often thrown around the healthcare industry; however, I commonly ask myself: Is the meaning of HIPAA Compliance the same throughout the…

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