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4 common mistakes that lead to high accounts receivables

By Ricki Ransom  bio
Now more than ever, physicians need to closely monitor the impact health insurance plans have on their revenue cycle management. The hard truth is…

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What employee drug use is costing your practice

Workers with substance use disorders miss nearly 50 percent more days than their peers, and up to six weeks of work annually, according to analysis from…

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In California office, the training starts on day 1 and never ends

No manager can set expectations without giving staff the tools to achieve them, says a California administrator. And the main tool for it all is…

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3 proven ways to make firing easier on everyone

The termination process is difficult for a manager, as well as the staffer being fired. These three steps won’t alleviate all the pain, but they will make…

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Role-playing turns front and back office staff into one team

When there’s a people issue, especially when the front desk butts heads with the nursing staff, the manager of a Virginia family medicine group office brings…

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It’s not me, it’s you: 5 office policies to break up with

By Paul Edwards  bio
Springtime may mean that love is in the air, but your office can’t hesitate to dump a policy that creates problems. Some policies are so…

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Why your latest management decision failed

When making significant decisions, have you noticed how difficult it is to come to a rational decision, even with a mastery of facts and employing…

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Medication errors associated with health information technology

Use of health information technology (HIT), such as computerized prescriber order entry systems and pharmacy information systems, can help prevent…

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Separate room for schedulers calms front office chaos

A few years ago, a North Carolina pediatric practice realized that the front desk is not the best place to check people in, make return appointments, and…

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8 Changes to the Trump Travel Ban

Although it applies to all industries, the Trump travel ban will have a disproportionate impact on health care providers. We recently outlined…

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