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Helping your doctor manage the practice

By Dr. David Black  bio
A lot of contemporary literature I have seen in recent months has emphasized the need for leadership by the doctor instead of…

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The 10 assumptions NOT to make when doing your OSHA 300s

December is here and it’s time for the logs. No, not the yule logs—the OSHA 300 logs! It’s time to get the year’s injury and illness records in order and start getting the…

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Vacation trends by city: Who’s leaving vacation days on the table and why?

U.S. workers will not leave work very far behind—if at all—during the week of December 25, according to Robert Half’s holiday survey. Eighteen percent of workers plan to…

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How to stage your office for improved productivity

Clutter is a major distraction and eats up time, says Pat Heydlauff of Energy Design, a productive-focused environment company…

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How to handle the 4 most common types of “disconnected” staffers

Why don’t those staffers perform the way the manager wants them to perform? To a great extent it’s because there’s no connection between the staffer and the…

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5 essential steps to successful strategy implementation

By Nick Hernandez  bio
Oftentimes physicians and administrators discuss strategies and may even devise a strategic plan, only to see nothing come of it. The most common reason for strategy failure is that the…

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Five reasons why staff hate their jobs and look for greener pastures

Turnover should be at the top of every manager’s worry list. Yet it isn’t because managers don’t realize how expensive it is, says…

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Why your medical practice should implement an employee wellness program—and how to do it

Employee wellness programs are gaining in popularity, and with good reason. Research shows that wellness programs have many advantages, for employers and…

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Communication dos and don’ts

Managers still spend a great deal of time communicating face to face, despite the proliferation of technology. However, because of technology, verbal communication skills sometimes take a backseat to…

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Why do some get away with sexual harassment?

By Lynne Curry  bio
Harvey Weinstein. Bill Cosby. Roger Ailes. Bill O’Reilly. Uber executives. And maybe someone you know. How can these men not “get it?” How do they get away with…

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