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Don’t put your good customer service on hold

By Mark Williamson, CEO at PHMG  bio
Mark Williamson, CEO at PHMGGood customer service isn’t just limited to providing first-class medical care. From the moment a patient first comes into contact with…

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For good marketing, try an open house

Want a marketing approach that’s both effective and inexpensive?
Try an open house…

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Four digital trends that can transform your medical practice

Medical practices of every type and size are rapidly being transformed by the digital revolution. Your patients are ratcheting up health-related online activities to unprecedented levels, says…

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How an OBGYN practice increased their Google ratings

Prospective patients frequently rely on online reviews from current or former patients before selecting a physician. But how can you…

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What are the chief business concerns of independent doctors?

Competing for patients against hospitals and health systems, which have substantial marketing budgets, topped the list of problems independent doctors face, according to…

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10 rules for getting good press and new patients along with it

To get new business, your medical practice has to be the first place the patient calls. To make the call, the patient has to…

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Use weekly meetings with doctors to keep office running smoothly

Meeting every week with the doctors makes a tremendous difference in how smoothly – and also how successfully – an office operates, says…

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Should you notify applicants they didn’t get the job?

Open positions, especially those advertised, often generate many applications. If your practice is located in a major metropolitan area or…

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The healthcare consumer: Using patient online reviews to boost your practice’s business

Patients are making increasing use of physician rating and review sites to comment on their medical experiences the way diners do with restaurants. And as with…

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New referrals come from a visit, a folder, and chocolate cookies

When a new manager took over the office of a Miami gastroenterology practice, the office had just lost two physicians and needed to…

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