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Cheap management tricks that really work

By Steve M. Cohen  bio
Sometimes office management is more a matter of quickly throwing out a good answer rather than some profound strategy or statement. I’m not trying to minimize the organization and old-fashioned brainpower that goes into…

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3 ways you can boost office morale fast

Which would you rather have: an upbeat, engaged staff that contributes to a successful practice or a staff that grudgingly shows up for…

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Healthcare organizations are deathly behind on this one cybersecurity practice

SecurityScorecard, a leader in security ratings, recently released a new report titled, “SecurityScorecard 2018 Healthcare Report: A Pulse on The Healthcare Industry’s Cybersecurity Risks,” which…

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HIPAA Refresher: Is your practice on top of NPPs?

By Ranadene K. Tapio, MBA, CMRS, CMC, Guest Contributor  bio
I know, HIPAA is old news. And ALL of your offices are presenting your patients with a HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices (NPP) already…

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How to make a collection call to a patient

A collection call to a patient should never be offensive. But it does need to be firm. Remember, the goal is to collect an…

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Time and anxiety really do matter

By Steve M. Cohen  bio
Stress is actually a good thing until it overloads people. This overloaded situation is actually called “dis-stress.” The ability to…

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Majority of U.S. physicians say they’re burned out or depressed

Nearly two-thirds of U.S. physicians report feeling burned out, depressed—or both—with one in three physicians admitting that their feelings of depression have an impact on…

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MIPS reporting deadlines are fast approaching: 10 things to do and know

Deadlines are fast approaching if you plan to submit data for the 2017 Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) performance period. Don’t wait until the last minute…

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Use weekly meetings with doctors to keep office running smoothly

Meeting every week with the doctors makes a tremendous difference in how smoothly – and also how successfully – an office operates, says…

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What makes a successful practice manager

By Shane Carter  bio
Being a practice manager in today’s healthcare environment is a very tough job. Disruptive and transformational change is underway in health care delivery. The modernization of…

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