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5 actions to take when you hear, “I don’t trust you”

By Audrey Epstein  bio
Talking about trust is tough in business. When a colleague tells you, “I don’t trust you” your first instinct is probably to react defensively or aggressively, and rarely with…

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3 tips for selecting a health and benefits advisor

By David C. Fortosis  bio
The responsibility of selecting, designing, financing, and managing employee benefits is a critical task in today’s medical office business. Retirement and…

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How to determine the order of multiple insurance coverages

By Ranadene (Randi) K. Tapio, MBA, CMRS, CMC, Guest Contributor  bio
When patients have multiple insurance coverage, at times it can be difficult to determine which one is primary, secondary, and tertiary. Sometimes, the patients don’t even know…

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With quality a monthly topic, improvements are never ending

A surgery practice in Grand Rapids, MI, stays in constant improvement mode with ongoing quality discussions…

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The patient privacy epidemic and what can be done about it

By Mark Hughes
In most medical office or hospital reception areas, speech privacy is virtually nonexistent. Because these spaces rarely have walls or partitions to block sound, patients often overhear conversations between…

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3 dozen ways to handle difficult discussions

Clear communication is vital in any office, particularly in a law office, where there is a climate of power differential and hierarchy. However, many employees…

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Three dimensions of medical practice cohesion

By Nick Hernandez  bio
Cohesion is the intense bonding of employees, strengthened over time, that results in absolute trust. It is characterized by the subordination of self and…

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Feds target providers who took free test cup kickbacks from Millennium Labs

Free point-of-care test cups from Millennium Labs have become radioactive. So far, at least six different providers have agreed to fork over…

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Genetic testing emerges as new trendy workplace benefit

Companies competing for talent in a tight job market often look to their benefit packages to see what they can add to help their recruiting and…

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12 tips for boosting patient payment

The way the bill looks, and reads, plays a major role in when – and whether – the office gets paid. Here are 12 ways to boost patient payment…

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