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An 8-step process to improve your medical practice

By Nick Hernandez  bio
Physician owners know that there are four key objectives at the core of process improvement…

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How to share bad news with your staff

There are times when changes at the practice affect the entire staff—and, unfortunately, not all changes are positive.
The practice may be relocating, and the new location could involve an unrealistic commute for some staff members. Or the practice may be merging with another practice, which will result in layoffs. Or the practice may be…

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MANAGING THE OFFICE launches first universal “web-wide” online scheduling solution for healthcare providers, a customer experience platform purpose-built for the healthcare industry, has launched ScheduleSync™, the first universal web-wide online scheduling solution for…

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In the News: Alliance helps member physicians collect patient reviews and manage online reputation

Physicians belonging to Collier County Medical Society (CCMS) in Florida now have help boosting their online reputation and gaining insight into…

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Ohio staff spend one day a month in each of the other positions

The profit margin is so small that no medical office can afford to have people doing bits of work, says the manager of a…

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What to do when your doctor becomes a patient

Their role as healers makes it easy to forget physicians are subject to the same illnesses that befall other humans. They are not invincible, even though…

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Most of nurse practitioners’ appointment time spent on patient education

Nurse practitioners play a crucial role in helping patients decode medical information, according to the findings of a recently released Merck Manuals survey. The survey of 210…

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5 easy ways to boost employee morale

How can the manager improve morale? Here are five morale-boosters to try in your office…

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12 tips for boosting patient payment

The way the bill looks, and reads, plays a major role in when – and whether – the office gets paid. Here are 12 ways to boost patient payment…

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Employment Law Update for HR Managers

By Mike O’Brien  bio
Here is my periodic update prepared for interested HR professionals trying to deal with the complex American employment laws…

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