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Simple but workable ways to improve collections

What’s the cause of poor collections? Don’t blame it on the office, says one collections expert…

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Are employees embezzling funds from your medical practice?

Embezzlement is easy in a medical office because little amounts come through every day, many of them in cash, and $5 here or $10 there doesn’t get missed…

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Potential hires meet with staff as part of job interview

Because a job interview produces a lot of pat answers, one medical office manager sends potential hires out to spend 15 minutes with the staff they will be working with…

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After a relationship with a disruptive patient ends

Your practice terminated a relationship with a disruptive patient, and everything went smoothly—or so you thought…

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The best ways to find and hire qualified office staff

Recruiting staff
Do you struggle to find qualified office staff who are also a good fit for your practice? It can be very difficult to figure…

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Asking for a raise

One of the most frequently asked career questions is, “What is the best way to ask for a raise?”
Not surprising, a frequently…

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Use weekly meetings with doctors to keep office running smoothly

Meeting every week with the doctors makes a tremendous difference in how smoothly – and also how successfully – an office operates, says…

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4 ways to keep your cool in the midst of chaos

By Cheryl Toth, MBA  bio
How well do you think you handle stress at work? I used to think I was pretty good at it, until a few years ago, when I realizedhellip;

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A six-question oral survey can help the manager and improve morale

The people closest to the work are the ones who have the best suggestions for improving it…

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4 tricks to surviving and thriving in a highly political office

A medical office is filled with many different personalities and many different dynamics. And with those differences…

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