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5 quick ways to make your waiting room more welcoming

A full office makeover may not be possible, but every medical practice can make improvements to its patient waiting room…

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Not enough time in the day? Here are four good ways to find new minutes

When responding to Medical Office Manager’s readers’ survey, many managers said the most difficult part of their job is finding time to get all the work done…

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Are online coding discussions putting your practice at risk?

By Cheryl Toth, MBA  bio
Here’s an email we recently saw while monitoring a specialty coding listserv…

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The four aces of hiring: work attitude, willingness, know-how, and personality

To choose the right job candidate, look beyond the hard skills of education and experience and place heaviest emphasis on four soft skills. They are…

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8 proven ways to totally destroy your credibility as a manager

A manager can have great knowledge and great skills, but without credibility with both doctors and staff, don’t expect…

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Simple but workable ways to improve collections

What’s the cause of poor collections? Don’t blame it on the office, says one collections expert…

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How to conduct fair and effective performance reviews

It may be the most common target for Dilbert cartoons, but the performance review is an ethical obligation for a…

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5 tested ways to make your billing and coding more profitable

The health of your medical practice depends on good quality coding and billing work. One of the most important roles in the medical office that…

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10 interview questions that reveal the true personality of every job applicant

Interviewing job candidates is perhaps the most serious responsibility of management. A bad hire is a full-time disaster, because the doctors, the staff, and the manager…

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Potential hires meet with staff as part of job interview

Because a job interview produces a lot of pat answers, one medical office manager sends potential hires out to spend 15 minutes with the staff they will be working with…

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