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6 ways to dodge the dreaded performance review

Performance reviews: You don’t like to do them, employees dread them and they may not be all that effective in improving work behavior. Here are five alternatives to an annual performance review.

  1. Regular feedback sessions: Instead of a once-a-year review, schedule regular feedback sessions throughout the year to discuss performance and provide feedback. These sessions could be bi-monthly, monthly, or quarterly, depending on the needs of the medical office.
  2. 360-degree feedback: 360-degree feedback involves gathering feedback from various sources, including managers, colleagues and physicians, to provide a more comprehensive view of an employee’s performance. This type of feedback can be gathered throughout the year and used to inform development plans.
  3. Goal setting and tracking: Set goals with employees and regularly track progress toward achieving those goals. This approach helps employees understand what is expected of them and provides a clear path for improvement.
  4. Peer evaluations: Peer evaluations allow colleagues to provide feedback on each other’s performance, which can be particularly useful in a medical office where collaboration and teamwork are critical.
  5. Real-time feedback: Encourage managers and colleagues to provide feedback in real-time rather than waiting for an annual review. This approach allows employees to address issues as they arise and make adjustments to their performance in real-time.
  6. Performance journaling: Encourage employees to keep a performance journal, where they can track their achievements, challenges, and areas for improvement throughout the year. This journal can be used as a reference during feedback sessions and when setting development plans.

Overall, these alternatives to an annual performance review can provide more timely and relevant feedback to employees, leading to better performance and increased job satisfaction.









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