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5 quick ways to make your waiting room more welcoming

A full office makeover may not be possible, but every medical practice can make improvements to its patient waiting room.

1 Keep it clean

All places of business should be clean, but arguably none more than a medical practice waiting room as it speaks to the quality of care.

Take a look around. Are the windows and doors clean? Is there dust on the tables? Does the floor need vacuuming? Do floors need a deep cleaning? Does carpet need replacing? Does furniture upholstery need cleaning? Do lamp shades need dusting or replacing? If there are plants, do they need dusting or pruning?

Cleanliness extends to the restroom; it should meet the highest standards.

2 Keep it neat

In addition to cleanliness, neatness counts. Are magazines displayed in an orderly fashion? Are lampshades straight? Are artwork and other wall items hanging properly?

3 Supply appropriate reading material

Speaking of magazines, is the reading material right for your patients? Should you perhaps offer more of a variety?

4 Consider a kids’ corner

Don’t overlook your practice’s young patients, or the children of patients. If your practice’s waiting room often includes young children, consider a kids’ corner. If you decide to go this route, make sure you opt for quiet, engaging books and toys that won’t disturb others.

5 Rethink the TV

Although some patient waiting rooms include televisions, which are typically tuned to a news channel, you may want to pull the plug on this idea. Patients who aren’t feeling well don’t benefit from the noise or the stressful news of the day.

Remember, your waiting room should focus on the comfort of your patients. At the same time, it should be representative of the attention to detail your practice provides.

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