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How to painlessly review a staffer with poor performance

Perhaps the most difficult part of being a manager is the job of pointing out what a staffer is doing wrong…

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Is your waiting room costing you money?

How would patients rate your medical practice’s reception area? Is it cold and clinical, or warm and welcoming?
The waiting room is…

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Role-playing turns front and back office staff into one team

When there’s a people issue, especially when the front desk butts heads with the nursing staff, the manager of a Virginia family medicine group office brings…

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A tactical guide to outsmarting workplace bullies

Working in a hectic medical practice can be challenging and stressful enough, but if bullies are in your midst the stakes can…

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Resolving employee conflict

Q: Two members of my staff don’t get along with each other—at all. The constant bickering and other childish behavior have me at my wit’s end. Sometimes I feel like…

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These 7 ergonomic basics can make your staff healthier and happier

Ergonomics is good economics.
When the work areas are in sync with the people spending their days in them, there’s no time lost to sick days and no money lost to low productivity, says…

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Polite form on chart collects balance due at registration

Because staff don’t like asking patients for money, one manager set up a non-confrontational form that gets patients to pay…

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3 questions to help you handle patient credits

By Ranadene K. Tapio, MBA, CMRS, CMC, Guest Contributor  bio
How does your office deal with patient credits? More importantly, does your office deal with patient credits at all? Believe it not, not all offices do. There are several reasons why an…

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5 quick ways to make your waiting room more welcoming

A full office makeover may not be possible, but every medical practice can make improvements to its patient waiting room…

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Keep things moving: reduce wait times while still giving patients the attention they deserve

It’s the catch-22 of a medical practice: How do you keep the patients flowing without compromising patient care? There are solutions to the problem, and they aren’t all high tech, but they do…

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