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How to determine the order of multiple insurance coverages

By Ranadene (Randi) K. Tapio, MBA, CMRS, CMC, Guest Contributor  bio
When patients have multiple insurance coverage, at times it can be difficult to determine which one is primary, secondary, and tertiary. Sometimes, the patients don’t even know…

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Office runs better when manager clarifies authority

The manager of a Maryland family medicine practice had trouble getting the physicians to make decisions about important matters. It was…

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7 terms to include in your patient debt collection agency services contract

Outsourcing patient collections enables medical practices to generate needed cash flow and concentrate on clinical operations. That, at least, is the theory. But the strategy…

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2018 Medicare Reimbursement: Final Rule

By Elizabeth Woodcock, Guest Contributor  bio
Just hours within the release of the Final Rule concerning the 2018 revisions to the Quality Payment Program (QPP) on November 2, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) published…

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Happy Thanksgiving: Here are four good ways to get your work done before the long weekend

Many managers will agree that the most difficult part of their job is finding time to get all the work done. And, while everyone loves…

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Want to improve collections? Start by looking at your Patient Registration System

By Ranadene (Randi) K. Tapio, MBA, CMRS, CMC, Guest Contributor  bio
When registering patients in your system, do you collect all the information you need to effectively set them up…

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Give a ‘wake-up call’ to these 3 common types of “nightmare staffers”

Nightmare employees come in all sorts of packages. Here are three of them: the staffer who always has an excuse, the staffer who…

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Quality Payment Program (QPP) Final Rule Released November 2

By Elizabeth Woodcock, Guest Contributor  bio
According to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), flexibility is the purported theme of the QPP Final Rule, which was issued under its official title…

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4 common mistakes that lead to high accounts receivables

By Ricki Ransom  bio
Now more than ever, physicians need to closely monitor the impact health insurance plans have on their revenue cycle management. The hard truth is…

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Just how truthful is that applicant’s resume? Here’s how to find out

There’s always tough competition for a good job. And sometimes, to beat out the competition, people do more than…

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