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When watercooler talk turns political, office productivity drops

Employees in the US are finding it increasingly difficult to ignore political discussions in their workplace, and 31% believe political conversations among…

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12 tips for boosting patient payment

The way the bill looks, and reads, plays a major role in when – and whether – the office gets paid. Here are 12 ways to boost patient payment…

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‘Dressing for success’ at the office counts far more than you think

Whether the manager is speaking to a group, to the doctors, or to a new patient, looks count, says image consultant Sandy Dumont of…

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Watch for your MIPS participation status letter

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is reviewing claims and letting practices know which clinicians need to take part in MIPS, the Merit-based Incentive Payment System. MIPS is…

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Cyberthreats demand your attention and a customized approach

The recently released BakerHostetler 2017 Data Security Incident Response Report highlights the critical need for senior executives in all industries to understand and be ready to…

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How to master the art of delegation

When it comes to delegating work to staff, managers rarely hit a happy medium. Instead, they tend to fall at the ends of the spectrum: those who do not delegate enough and…

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Front desk moves its phones into a communications center

A Colorado manager has taken the telephones off the front desk and set up a communications center.
The noise, other commotion, and staff burnout at the…

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The importance of recognizing your employees’ hard work

Happy Administrative Professionals Week! What have you got planned to acknowledge your hard-working support staff? If you’ve decided to do nothing this year, you may want to…

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Physicians report increased job satisfaction and improved patient care, despite more paperwork

Despite a workday filled with “too many rules and regulations” and hours spent on paperwork, nearly 8 in 10 U.S. physicians would choose medicine again as a career…

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How telehealth is helping emergency eye care teams

DigiSight Technologies, a digital health company, has launched a telehealth solution that enables healthcare teams to collaborate and…

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