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HIPAA: it’s time to update the office’s privacy notice

What should managers be doing right now for HIPAA?
They should be updating the Notice of Privacy Practices and getting patients to sign off on the revision. And they have only until September 23, 2013 to get it done.
Along with that, they need to be paying close attention to some other HIPAA requirements that are getting overlooked, says Nathan A. Kottkamp, a health care attorney with McGuire Woods in Richmond, VA…

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HIPAA’s rules get tighter and its penalties get higher

Even stronger controls have just been set out for HIPAA.
They come in the final regulations for the Omnibus Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or the HIPAA rule.
They appear in the January 25 Federal Register and become effective March 26. However, offices and business associates have until September 23 to comply.
Mostly, the changes affect patient requests and approvals, breach reporting, and business associates.
Along with that, the penalties for noncompliance have gone up. And accompanying the penalty increases is a promise from the government to search out violators with a…

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HIPAA is now striking small offices; the first hit is on mobile devices

HIPAA, which has traditionally focused its attention on larger entities, is now closing in on smaller organizations and smaller violations.
A hospice in Idaho has been fined $50,000 for a security breach of its electronic health information. This is the first time HIPAA has gone after a breach affecting fewer than 500 patients, and the government says the fine is “a strong message” that HIPAA-covered entities, no matter how small, “will be held accountable for safeguarding their patients’ health information.”
The action was taken against Hospice of North Idaho in Hayden, ID, which had …

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Keep safe from the Recovery Audit Contractors and the courts by making the corrections correctly

What flaws are the Recovery Audit Contractors searching for in records?
Illegible documentation, incomplete documentation, unidentified providers, wrong dates of service – and evidence of improper corrections.
To help offices stay safe, the government has set out guides for making corrections so the records pass muster with the RACs.
Those same guides will also ensure the records pass muster with a jury should they end.
The definition of correct
For both paper and electronic records, the government says, three principles have to be followed.
  • First, the new information has to identify itself for what it is…

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More information on marketing and compliance

Here are more resources for the article, “9 important do’s and don’ts for using social media to promote your practice”:
Federal Trade Commission, Guides Concerning the Use of…



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