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An HR ghost story

By Lynne Curry  bio
My client asked me to find him the one “right” applicant for a critical management position in his company. Out of more than 50 resumes, I chose my favorite…

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4 best practices to help optimize your processes and increase your reimbursements

By Ranadene (Randi) K. Tapio, MBA, CMRS, CMC, Guest Contributor  bio
Revenue Cycle Management is multi-faceted. There may not be a right or wrong way as far as your process goes, but there are tips, tricks, and best practices that can optimize the process…

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Who tops the nation in vacation days?

Last year, Americans used 17.2 vacation days, the most since 2010 according to new research from Project: Time Off. Despite this marked improvement, 52 percent of employees reported…

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A little money here, a little there; where to find the sleeping savings

When the money’s tight, the manager has to squeeze the nickels—particularly in a small office where falling revenues are keenly felt…

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How to handle the 4 most common types of “disconnected” staffers

Why don’t those staffers perform the way the manager wants them to perform? To a great extent it’s because there’s no connection between the staffer and the…

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Avoid These 5 Common PowerPoint Mistakes

By Cheryl Toth, MBA  bio
Who among us has not suffered (or slept) through a deadly PowerPoint presentation in a meeting or at a conference? We all know…

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Are you “aggressive” or “assertive”? Take this quick self-evaluation and find out

To manage people, a manager has to be assertive.
But be aware that there’s a strong difference between being assertive and…

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21 easy ways to boost practice profitability fast

Simple changes to billing procedures, hiring policies, purchasing, patient relations, and other daily activities can have a positive impact on…

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Creating a peaceful office environment

It goes without saying that office conflict, poor attitudes, and negative staffers undermine peace and tranquility. But any bad behavior you bring to the workplace also…

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Should you ‘friend’ your coworkers on social media?

Do you “like” the idea of office friendships crossing over into social media? More than seven in 10 professionals (71 percent) polled by staffing firm OfficeTeam said it’s…

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