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Professionals working from home logging long hours including weekends

Although your practice is open to patients, some of your office staffers may be working from home. And they may be putting in longer hours than usual. A new study by global staffing firm Robert Half shows employees are working around the clock while at home. More than half (55 per cent) of professionals who transitioned to a remote setup as a result of the pandemic said they work on the weekend. In addition, one-third (34 per cent) of remote employees reported regularly putting in more than eight hours a day.

“Despite the significant benefits of working remotely, such as saving time spent commuting and increased flexibility, it can also lead to putting in longer hours,” said David King, senior district president of Robert Half. “Heavier workloads have become a reality for many professionals during the pandemic, making it more challenging to disconnect while at home. It is critical that employers encourage their teams to take regular breaks and prioritize themselves and their wellbeing.”

Supporting work-life balance post-pandemic

In a separate survey, human resources managers were asked what type of scheduling arrangements their company will likely offer to support work-life balance once the COVID-19 crisis is over:*

  • Flex time  52%
  • Compressed workweek 45%
  • Permanent part-time arrangements 41%
  • Job sharing 40%

*Multiple responses were permitted.

“The recent pivot to new working models has made managers more aware of the importance of work-life balance,” added King. “As a result, many companies will continue to offer programs and perks put in place during COVID-19, such as flexible hours and more autonomy, well into the future.”









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