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How to use influencers for marketing in health care

By Melanie Herron  bio

One of the greatest marketing tools a business can have is an effective spokesperson. There is no denying the power and influence a spokesperson can have on building a brand.

Influencers are people who are comfortable talking about the brands they believe in. They are trusted as reliable sources for information and recommendations. And yes, health care and doctors are considered a brand. According to Nielsen, 92 percent of American consumers trust the recommendations provided by their family and friends. This is considered to be a word of mouth recommendation and it can be very powerful for growing a business.

Today’s patient is no longer choosing providers and treatments based on their insurance list. They have become more informed in their health care planning and are doing their own research. Up to 75 percent of patients go online when researching health care providers or learning about treatment options. They are also using social media and online forums for information and recommendations.

Influencers can be powerful marketing allies, but how does a practice find someone willing to speak their praises? Here are four places to find health care brand influencers.

Social media

One of the best places to find influencers is on social media, and more specifically, your own social media page. Influencers are those fans who actively comment, like, and share the information you post. Assuming they are considered to be a trusted resource by the people in their network, their opinion of your practice can sway the buying decision of others. Prior to asking an influencer to help, it is important to first build a rapport with them. Once a relationship is established you can explore mutually beneficial opportunities for helping one another.

Community blog or forum administrator

Community blogs and forums have done a lot for brands. You have probably seen how big brands like Keurig use influencers for reviewing their products. Research relevant blogs for your industry and find out if they would be willing to share your information with their followers.

Referring providers

Referring providers and their staff are excellent influencers. One of the best places to get a health care recommendation is from a trusted health care provider and their team. Nurture relationships with referral sources and ensure both their experience and their patient’s experience working with your practice is exceptional.

Community leaders

Patients that are in a position of leadership, whether that be because of the job they hold or the network of people they surround themselves, can be strong influencers. Don’t be afraid to ask them to share their experience with others. It is also wise to learn if there are opportunities for sharing information pertaining to your services within their network.

Influencers can be powerful people for businesses to align. As with any marketing campaign, it is important to set goals and track results. If one tactic is proving to be less effective than another, consider alternatives. Marketing should never be rigid and always be fluid and moldable based on outcomes.

Melanie Herron is president of the award-winning medical marketing agency, MindStream Creative. With over 18 years of experience helping health care brands grow, Melanie has deep experience developing marketing and communications strategies that grab and maintain the attention of both health care clinicians and patients.

The above information is shared by a guest contributor and does not necessarily reflect the views of Medical Office Manager.









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