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Medical Office Manager & RxVantage Present: How to Maximize the Impact of Life Science Reps & Resources at Your Practice


Downloadable content:
Example of Rules and Conduct
Case Study Oncology Consultants
Case Study Scripps

James A. Dwyer, Co-Founder, VP, RxVantage

Dealing with reps can be a major workflow disruption that can cost your practice hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars a year! Unwanted walk-ins, disruptive phone calls, last second cancellations, unexpected no-shows, and the constant hassle of trying to find the reps you need when you need them can cost you and your staff hours wasted time and work.

Fortunately, there’s now a practical, proven way to manage all your life science reps and resources and seamlessly connect your practice to the precise life science experts you need, when you need them.

In this special MOM WebCast, How to Maximize the Impact of Life Science Reps & Resources at Your Practice, presented by James A. Dwyer, VP and Co-Founder of RxVantage, and you’ll discover a practical, proven, easy way to manage all your life science reps and resources and save hundreds of hours of work!