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Medical Office Manager & RxVantage Present: How to Maximize the Impact of Life Science Reps & Resources at Your Practice

Unannounced and poorly timed visits from life sciences reps can disrupt a practice’s already packed schedule. Coordinating the logistics of these visits cause distraction and steal valuable time from staff, ultimately impacting the quality of patient care and experience. RxVantage is a free cloud-based solution designed to maximize office efficiency by automating the scheduling process, while still allowing the practice to have complete control over visitation rules and expectations.

Join this webcast to learn more about how RxVantage can help practice administrators:

  • Save up to 20 hours of staff time per month
  • Avoid unwanted or too-frequent visits
  • Eliminate inefficient paper calendar systems
  • Build positive and beneficial relationships



James A. Dwyer, Co-Founder, VP, RxVantage


Thursday, March 7, 2019
1:00 PM ET (10:00 AM PT)


60 minutes


Free of Charge!

Questions? Call Customer Service at 1-888-729-2315 (8am – 5pm ET).

Dealing with reps can be a major workflow disruption that can cost your practice hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars a year! Unwanted walk-ins, disruptive phone calls, last second cancellations, unexpected no-shows, and the constant hassle of trying to find the reps you need when you need them can cost you and your staff hours wasted time and work.

Fortunately, there’s now a practical, proven way to manage all your life science reps and resources and seamlessly connect your practice to the precise life science experts you need, when you need them.

Join us on March 7th at our special MOM WebCast, How to Maximize the Impact of Life Science Reps & Resources at Your Practice, presented by James A. Dwyer, VP and Co-Founder of RxVantage, and you’ll discover a practical, proven, easy way to manage all your life science reps and resources and save hundreds of hours of work!

Questions? Call Customer Service at 1-888-729-2315 (8am – 5pm ET).

Here’s just a sample of what you’ll learn at this special MOM WebCast:

  • The key elements of an effective rep policy
  • Why many current “paper calendar” systems for managing reps are obsolete and are costing your practice time, work, and money
  • How to define a rep visitation policy that works for your particular practice
  • How to receive education from life science reps and companies without disrupting workflow
  • An easy, proven way to automatically enforce your rep visitation policy
  • How your rep policy and procedures can help you to automatically enforce customizable policies, meet non-bias governance objectives and even help track Sunshine Act compliance
  • And MUCH MORE!

Make no mistake:medical practices across America are wasting hundreds of hours EVERY YEAR due to inefficient management of life science reps and resources. This special MOM Webcast will show you how to manage your life science reps far more easily, and save you time, work, and money.

Questions? Call Customer Service at 1-888-729-2315 (8am – 5pm ET).

About Your Presenter
James A. Dwyer, VP, Co-Founder, RxVantage
James is a Co-founder and V.P. of Practice Acquisition for RxVantage. James has also served as the Director of International Sales for ITW Angleboard, a division of Illinois Tool Works (NYSE:ITW), a manufacturing based Fortune 200 company. Before joining ITW, James served for 5 yrs as the International Business Development Manager for US Plastic Lumber’s Engineered Plastics Group (Nasdaq: USPL). He was responsible for all sales and marketing of USPL’s products outside of the US along with key account management for US-based multinational Fortune 500 clients. James has over 20 years of outside sales experience including new market development, building of sales agent/distributor networks and the formation of strategic alliances.