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How an OBGYN practice increased their Google ratings

Prospective patients frequently rely on online reviews from current or former patients before selecting a physician. But how can you convince your satisfied patients to post good reviews? Here’s how one OG-GYN practice handled it.

“We are a private practice OBGYN office in Southern New Hampshire,” writes Administrative Coordinator, Amanda Giglio, “and, as a specialty practice, we found ourselves with a low number of online reviews despite our patients loving us. (Because who wants to write a review about such a personal experience?)

We had somewhat recently implemented a third party to send patients a survey after their appointment asking them if they are satisfied or not with their visit and asking for feedback on a scale of 1-5.

If a patient rates us 3 or lower, they receive a survey to more specifically identify the problem areas where we can improve—after which we would follow up with them via a phone call.

If a patient states that she was satisfied, we modify the link to direct her right to Google asking to write us a review. Within a matter of months, we went from 3.5 stars and 44 reviews to 4.4 stars with 122 reviews.

This has been a great success for us in identifying us as a top choice in the region.

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