What They Don't Always Tell You about Managing a Medical Office
  • Do You Know the 21 Easiest Ways to Boost Practice Revenue Fast?
  • Do You Know How to Make an Effective Collection Call to a Patient that Actually Pulls in Cash
  • Do You Know the 5 Proven Ways to Keep "Toxic Employees" Off Your Payroll?
Even if you are a highly-trained medical office manager with years of experience, you are constantly confronted with unique, and often challenging, management situations that the office immediately looks to you to solve!

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That's why thousands of professional medical office managers count on MedicalOfficeMgr.com to stay on the cutting-edge of the latest trends, new developments, new laws, and proven ideas, tips, and techniques for managing a successful medical office. Here's just a sample of the help you get:
Managing Your Office
  • Want to improve collections? Start with your Patient Registration System
  • Polite form on chart collects balance due at registration
  • 21 easy ways to boost practice profitability fast
  • Use weekly meetings with doctors to keep office running smoothly
  • 3 questions to help you handle patient credits
  • 4 best practices to help optimize your processes and increase your reimbursements
  • Simple but workable ways to improve collections
  • How to determine the order of multiple insurance coverages
  • 7 terms to include in your patient debt collection agency services contract
  • Overlooked opportunities within the revenue cycle: The three Ps
  • How to write a strong collection letter
  • 12 tips for boosting patient payment
  • How to improve the revenue cycle efficiency of your medical practice
  • 5 tested ways to make your billing and coding more profitable
  • When you're about to lose patience with a patient
Managing Your Staff
  • 4 steps to hit the reset button with your team in 2018
  • 3 ways you can boost office morale fast
  • Boost staff performance by communicating more clearly
  • Why you need to stop talking to start leading
  • Set aside two hours for staff and keep interruptions in check
  • What to do when the winter blues hits your workplace
  • How to stage your office for improved productivity
  • Dealing with cell phone abusers, smokers, and too-jolly staffers
  • How to investigate an employment-related complaint from a staffer
  • 5 ways managers can better communicate with staff
  • Are 5 common, but undiscussable, workplace behaviors putting your patients at risk?
  • Three ways to approach crying in the workplace
  • The surprising answer to what your staff really wants
Your Career
  • Do you have the 'right stuff' to be a successful medical office manager?
  • How to be a strong manager even when dealing with over-controlling physicians
  • What makes a successful practice manager
  • 12 common errors in English you'll want to avoid
  • Make these your 2 top goals for 2018
  • Asking for a raise
  • Keep your job by learning ways to stay neutral
  • How to handle the 'bully doctor' without losing your temper or your job
  • 8 proven ways to totally destroy your credibility as a manager
  • Should you 'friend' your coworkers on social media?
  • Give a 'wake-up call' to these 3 common types of "nightmare staffers"
  • Follow these 5 rules when firing a staffer
  • How exit interviews support your management
  • How to make firing easier on everyone
  • 22 questions a manager should ask before firing an employee
  • 5 guidelines that save you if you supervise a bully employee
  • What every office manager needs to know about 'at-will' employment
  • Avoid these 3 deadly age discrimination traps Legal & Regulatory Compliance
  • Two ADA surprises: odd disabilities and attorney's fees that can hit the sky
  • HIPAA Refresher: Is your practice on top of NPPs?
  • 2018 Medicare Reimbursement: Final Rule
  • HIPAA extends to gossip as well as to searching out dirt on an ex-spouse
  • How to make a collection call to a patient
  • 5 essential steps to ensure an effective HIPAA program
  • Six HIPAA violations you may be missing
  • Quality Payment Program (QPP) Final Rule Released November 2
  • CMS grants exceptions for providers affected by Hurricane Maria
  • CMS reveals new Medicare Card design
  • 2018 Health Insurance Exchanges Issuer County Map
  • OIG Report: CMS dished out $729.4 million in wrongful EHR incentive payments & we're going to get that money back
  • The four aces of hiring: work attitude, willingness, know-how, and personality
  • Pick up on these revealing "non-verbal cues" to avoid hiring problem staffers
  • Just how truthful is that applicant's resume? Here's how to find out
  • Should you notify applicants they didn't get the job?
  • The link between pre-employment tests and better patient outcomes
  • Do you make this costly interviewing mistake?
  • Avoid costly errors in physician recruitment
  • Avoid these tricky ADA pitfalls when hiring staff
  • 5 proven ways to keep "toxic employees" off your payroll
  • An online assessment to help you hire the best medical scribe candidate
  • Pick up on these revealing "non-verbal cues" to avoid hiring problem staffers Ready-to-Use Forms, Tools & Policies
  • Model Flu Vaccination Policy (Mandatory and Voluntary)
  • Model Tool: office move checklist
  • Model Tool: Checklist of steps to take when conducting an investigation
  • Model Policy: Nondiscrimination and diversity
  • Model Section 1557 Civil Rights Grievance Procedure
  • Model Policy: Patient billings, collection and financial
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