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Employee Handbook Compliance:
Update Your Shield Against Liability & Improve Usability

VITAL SOLUTIONS for Employee Handbook Updates and Employment Law Compliance

Presenters: Paul Edwards
CEO and co-founder of CEDR HR Solutions for Medical
Ali Edwards J.D.
Senior Counsel and a co-owner at CEDR HR Solutions
for Medical
Duration: 60 minutes


This MOM Webinar presented by Medical Office HR experts Paul and Ali Edwards. Discover Easy Techniques you can use immediately to ensure your Employee Handbook is Up-to-Date and MORE IMPORTANTLY … that it’s in Compliance at Federal and State levels.

Join Human Resources gurus Paul Edwards and Ali Edwards of CEDR HR Solutions for Medical as they explore ways to protect your office from potential lawsuits and hefty non-compliance fines.

This 60-minute webinar will review the National Labor Relations Board updates and:

  • The RISKIEST LAWS to misrepresent
  • The most COMMON POLICY MISTAKES you can make
  • Why having A “LIVING” HANDBOOK IS CRITICAL to your practice
  • Ways for you to ENSURE YOUR HANDBOOK IS UP TO DATE and how often to update
  • How you can MITIGATE 95% OF COMMON EMPLOYEE UPSETS that lead to lawsuits
  • And much more!

Make no mistakeIf your Employee Handbook is outdated and does not comply to all employment law changes you are putting your organization at risk. The information presented by Paul and Ali Edwards in this valuable 90-minute webinar can help you protect your practice from a potential lawsuit … and non-compliance fines.

About Your Presenters

Paul Edwards
Paul Edwards is the CEO and co-founder of CEDR HR Solutions for Medical, CEDR was established in 2006 and has since become the premier provider of customized employee handbooks and unlimited HR support for medical practices of all sizes and specialties across the United States. CEDR provides customized employee handbooks and on going support to more than 1,300 medical practices nationwide.

Paul has over 25 years’ experience as a manager and business owner, and is an expert on solving the HR problems that impact medical practice owners and managers. He specializes in helping doctors and office managers successfully handle employee issues and safely navigate the complex and ever-changing employment and labor law landscape.

Ali Edwards
Ali Edwards, J.D. is Senior Counsel and a co-owner at CEDR HR Solutions for Medical. A former litigator, Ali has been a practicing attorney for over 15 years in Arizona. She is an expert in employment law, management strategy, and litigation avoidance.

Ali now serves as the Director of Compliance at CEDR, leading her own team of attorneys and HR experts in providing customized employment handbooks and critical employer guidance and support to over a thousand dental and medical offices nationwide. She has empowered thousands of doctors and managers to successfully navigate almost every kind employment issue you can imagine.









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