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Education resources for Spanish-speaking patients to display on your practice website

Spanish language patient handouts covering a wide range of medical topics, including Asthma (Asma), Atopic Dermatitis (Dermatitis Atópica), Contraception (Anticonceptivas), COPD (EPOC), Diabetes (Diabetes), Hypertension (Hipertension), Immunizations (Inmunizaciones), Obesity (Obesidad), Skin Cancer (Cáncer de Piel), and other chronic medical conditions, as well as videos and copy to personalize and display on your practice’s website, are available at no charge from Vivacare, a company founded with the goal of helping medical practices educate their patients.

Vivacare publishes patient education resources in Spanish (en Español), which it aggregates from various reputable organizations, solely to assist medical professionals with the delivery of care to their Spanish-speaking patients. In just minutes, physicians and medical office managers can create their own free health library with patient education information that can be printed in the office, viewed on a mobile device or displayed on their own practice website.

All Spanish titles can be personalized with the name of the physician (or medical practice) and further customized. The physician or office manager can easily add or remove titles from display and supplement Vivacare’s patient education content with their their own patient handouts. Medical professionals can direct their patients to an integrated online resource that reflects their medical specialty and unique approach to care.

For instance, an allergist that enrolls for a free Vivacare patient education account can access several Spanish-language asthma education handouts that display the allergist’s name at the top of the pages. These asthma handouts include links to reputable Spanish-language resources from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and can be supplemented with the allergist’s own asthma handouts.

The Vivacare Health Library has been designed for easy display on a medical practice website, so that the doctor’s website becomes a health information resource for patients. Following patient appointments, patients can be directed to the practice website to learn more about their medical condition and treatment options.

“We are happy to provide our clinicians with Spanish language content that helps to improve patient care,” said Dr. Mark Becker, pediatrician and founder of Vivacare. “Now, their Spanish-speaking patients can also take advantage of the in-depth health information resources found on their doctor’s website.”









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