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7 tips for leading a video meeting

We’ve become accustomed to attending work meetings on Zoom and other video conferencing platforms since the pandemic lockdown of 2020. But you might not be at ease as the leader of a Zoom meeting for your medical office team. Here are some tips for conducting a successful video work meeting:

  1. Set a clear agenda: Before the meeting, create an agenda that outlines the topics to be discussed and the goals of the meeting. Send this agenda to all participants in advance so that they can come prepared.
  2. Establish ground rules: Set some ground rules for the meeting, such as requiring all participants to mute their microphones when not speaking and encouraging people to use the chat function to ask questions or make comments.
  3. Start on time: Respect the time of all attendees by starting the meeting on time.
  4. Keep the meeting organized: Use the Zoom features (such as the “raise hand” function) to keep the meeting organized and ensure that everyone has an opportunity to speak.
  5. Take breaks as needed: If the meeting is long, consider taking short breaks to allow participants to stretch, use the restroom, or refill their drinks.
  6. Follow up after the meeting: After the meeting, send out a summary of the key points discussed and any action items that were assigned.
  7. Use the security features: Zoom has various security features to ensure the privacy of your meeting. Be sure to use these features, such as password protection and the waiting room function, to keep your meeting secure.









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