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6 tips for remembering names

It’s easy to remember a patient’s name when you have their appointment details or patient file open in front of you. It’s a lot harder when you meet someone away from these paper or electronic prompts.

People like to be recognized and remembered. In the office, it’s reassuring for your patients. In other settings, remembering names can help you connect and network with people. In fact, remembering names is a skill that can advance your career.

Here are some tips to help you:

  1. Focus: When you are introduced to someone, focus on their name and repeat it back to them. This will help you remember their name and also show that you are interested in getting to know them.
  2. Associate: Associate the person’s name with something that is familiar to you. For example, if you meet someone named Art who is an accountant, you can associate his name with “Accountant Art.”
  3. Repeat: Repeat the person’s name several times during your conversation. This will help reinforce the name in your memory.
  4. Visualize: Try to visualize the person’s name in your mind. You can imagine their name written on their forehead or associate it with a visual image that relates to their name.
  5. Connect: Connect the person’s name with something that you have in common or something that stands out about them. For example, if they have the same name as one of your close friends, you can connect their name with that friend.
  6. Ask: If you forget someone’s name, don’t be afraid to ask them to repeat it. You can also ask for a business card or write their name down to help you remember.

Remember, it’s normal to forget someone’s name from time to time, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you do. Just keep practicing and using these tips to improve your memory.









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