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Health IT offers career growth opportunities, according to new survey

The first of its kind survey about health IT professionals—an evolving field that links information technology, communications, and health care to improve the quality and safety of patient care—addresses new data correlating education and…

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Get ready for HIPAA breach before it happens

HIPAA requires you have breach notification policies and procedures to ensure proper handling of a breach of unsecured protected health information (PHI). Do you have breach notification policies and procedures that comply with HIPAA, including the latest changes that went into effect in 2013? Are you training your staff about how to handle suspected breaches? If not, you could end up like Skagit County in Washington, which agreed to a settlement with HHS that includes a $215,000 penalty and a three-year corrective action plan…

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Electronic cigarettes: why your practice needs a “vaping” policy now

Your employment policies address cigarettes, and so you think you have the smoking issue covered. Well, think again. Electronic cigarettes have created new challenges for employers.
Electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes, first became available in the United States in 2006 and have grown in popularity. Designed to look like cigarettes, they are battery-powered devices, usually made of plastic or metal, that convert liquid nicotine into a mist, or…

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Jobs in healthcare plentiful, according to report

The healthcare job industry showed steady growth last year, with no signs of slowing down in 2015, according to the 2014 Healthcare Jobs Snapshot, a report from Health eCareers, a career hub for healthcare professionals, providers, and associations.
As of January, federal officials reported almost 10 million people had signed up for health insurance or re-enrolled in their existing plans as part of the Affordable Care Act’s state and federal health insurance marketplaces. This decrease in uninsured citizens has significantly increased the demand for…

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Is firing employees for medical marijuana discrimination?

All seven of the courts that have confronted this issue in the past decade have ruled that employers can enforce zero tolerance drug policies to fire employees for lawful use of medical marijuana. Here’s the rundown:
2013: COLORADO (Federal Court)
What Happened: Brewery employee with hepatitis C, fired after testing positive for marijuana, claims use was legal under Colorado medical marijuana law and that he never used or was high at work.
Ruling: Federal court says brewery didn’t commit disability discrimination and that duty to accommodate doesn’t prevent employers from…

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Model Policy: Medical marijuana

Why you need this policy:

Now that medical marijuana is legal in many states, it’s important that you adjust your zero tolerance drug policy to address, if not accommodate, it.



Are you violating state “time off” requirements for employees who are parents?

Although back-to-school season rolls around every year, it always seems to bring a level of stress for working parents. And is it any wonder?
A new schedule and new commitments require finding ways to meet all the demands of daily life. For households with two working parents, it can be extremely difficult; and for single-parent households, even more so.
It’s easy for employers and managers to dismiss the issue as “not my problem,” but, in reality, it is your problem. Like it or not, the line between personal and professional life got…

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Same-sex marriage ruling brings in new legal issues

Plus new emphasis on discrimination
Though it applies only to states where same-sex marriage is legal, the recent Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage warrants attention from managers in all states. For those in Washington, DC, and the 13 states where gay marriage is recognized, there are new employment law requirements. For those in all the other states, the ruling calls for increased emphasis on nondiscrimination.
A matter of two rulings
In a nutshell, the decision, which came down June 26, says that in states where same-sex marriage is recognized…

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Health reform’s delay on the employer mandate raises lots of questions

There’s a new delay in health care reform.
It’s a one-year postponement of what’s known as the employer mandate of the Affordable Care Act.
That mandate says large employers, or those with 50 or more full-time employees, have to provide health insurance for their employees or pay a penalty. Originally, the requirement was supposed to take effect this coming January. Now the date is pushed back to 2015. That gives larger employers a year’s grace before they have to provide health insurance that meets government standards…

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