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How to clean up a messy back office fast

To maintain a professional operation, an office has to maintain a professional appearance throughout. People think if they work in a back area…

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$900 million in false billing results in charges against medical practices throughout the U.S.

Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch and Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell have announced an…

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Industry challenged to create more patient-friendly medical billing

Furthering the goals of focusing on patients, coordinate health care delivery, and making health information more accessible, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has launched a…

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Raffle gets staffers to monthly 8 a.m. meeting

A raffle for prizes gets each monthly meeting off to a fun start for the staff at Finger Lakes Medical Associates in Geneva, NY.
Director of operations Eileen Szanyi says the draws are designed to increase attendance at the 8 a.m. meetings.
“Those attending put their names into a basket for the month’s prizes,” she explains.
“The gifts don’t have to be costly. One prize is always our premier parking spot. That’s a parking space close to the building and only the winner can use it until the following month’s meeting. The rest of the staff is required to park at the back of the lot,” she says. “This is especially popular in upstate New York winters…

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Award program motivates employees all year

In a New York state office, the employee-of-the-month award goes beyond cursory congratulations. It is a recognition that lasts all year with seven reward components.
Staff take the award seriously. When it is announced at the staff meeting each month, employees are supportive of each other. They cry and hug and congratulate the winner, says the manager of the 21-staff medical office.
The reason for the staff’s enthusiasm is that the award is more than a pat on the back. It carries seven reward elements. All of them are…

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NY manager gets more done with 15 minute one-on-one meetings

Offices with a limited number of staffers can follow the management lead of a New York medical office manager who has replaced full-staff meetings with 15-minute individual meetings in which she talks with each person privately.
In a group, not everything gets brought out, says the manager of the practice, which has just seven staffers. There is no opportunity to listen to each person. What is more, people are reluctant to mention problems in front of a group. And the manager doesn’t have an opportunity to…

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Electronic cigarettes: why your practice needs a “vaping” policy now

Your employment policies address cigarettes, and so you think you have the smoking issue covered. Well, think again. Electronic cigarettes have created new challenges for employers.
Electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes, first became available in the United States in 2006 and have grown in popularity. Designed to look like cigarettes, they are battery-powered devices, usually made of plastic or metal, that convert liquid nicotine into a mist, or…

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Best and worst states for doctors

Doctors are among the most highly paid, educated, and celebrated professions in the United States. The profession has also been undergoing intense change in recent years, with the Affordable Care Act, the rise of branded hospital networks, the impending retirement of baby boomers, and an increasingly litigious society all complicating the lives of doctors and providing pause to potential white-coats.
With that in mind, the personal finance website WalletHub has released a report, the Best & Worst States for Doctors I 2015. The report uses 12 key metrics, ranging from average annual wages and salary disparities to…

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Jobs in healthcare plentiful, according to report

The healthcare job industry showed steady growth last year, with no signs of slowing down in 2015, according to the 2014 Healthcare Jobs Snapshot, a report from Health eCareers, a career hub for healthcare professionals, providers, and associations.
As of January, federal officials reported almost 10 million people had signed up for health insurance or re-enrolled in their existing plans as part of the Affordable Care Act’s state and federal health insurance marketplaces. This decrease in uninsured citizens has significantly increased the demand for…

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Model Policy: Medical marijuana

Why you need this policy:

Now that medical marijuana is legal in many states, it’s important that you adjust your zero tolerance drug policy to address, if not accommodate, it.