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Indiana office uses billboards and TV to bring in a flood of new patients

An Indiana practice is seeing a significant number of new patients from a billboard and a TV commercial.
It’s money well spent, says Laurie Streib, administrator of Gastroenterology of Southern Indiana, an eight-physician, 43-staff practice in New Albany, IN. And getting the advertising going has been amazingly easy – the billboard company designed the sign and the television station wrote the commercial, filmed it, and edited it.
The advertising began only a year ago with the billboard. The office is located in the Louisville, KY, metro area, so it placed the sign on the interstate between Kentucky and Indiana. It carries a group picture of the…

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New York OB/GYN practice discovers 2 astonishingly easy ways to pull in more patients

A one-physician OB/GYN practice that opened in the last decade reached its patient census goals almost immediately using nothing but common-sense marketing. It became so busy, in fact, that it is now open an additional two nights a week plus Saturday mornings.
The marketing has focused on two elements.
First is no waiting. “We’ve had patients transfer here just because they know they don’t have to wait to see the doctor,” says Chris Sini, manager for Michael H. Polcino, MD, in North Babylon, NY. “That’s especially important to working women.”
But what makes the office stand out is the second element, which is patient comfort.
The doctor and Sini came from a 10-physician office “that had become almost…

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Editor watches staggering changes in medical office management

By Susan Crawford
Founding Editor
Dear Readers:
Medical Office Manager’s first issue came out in November 1987. And now after 26 years as your editor, I have retired.
This is a good time to look at the issues and conundrums you as manager have faced during all that time and to congratulate you on a job well done.
The changes have been staggering. You have kept up with them all…

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