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HIPAA extends to gossip as well as to searching out dirt on an ex-spouse

Getting staff to maintain patient confidentiality goes much farther than getting them to protect electronic data…

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The patient privacy epidemic and what can be done about it

By Mark Hughes
In most medical office or hospital reception areas, speech privacy is virtually nonexistent. Because these spaces rarely have walls or partitions to block sound, patients often overhear conversations between…

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It’s not me, it’s you: 5 office policies to break up with

By Paul Edwards  bio
Springtime may mean that love is in the air, but your office can’t hesitate to dump a policy that creates problems. Some policies are so…

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Avoid these tricky ADA pitfalls when hiring staff

Every manager is aware of the wider doorways and lever handles and curb cuts and so on required by the Americans with…

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Six HIPAA violations you may be missing

Is your practice HIPAA compliant? Are you sure? Most health-care providers take very seriously this federal mandate to protect patient privacy—at least in theory. In practice, however, lots of things get

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A 10-step workplace violence prevention and liability management plan

This will help you prevent workplace violence and manage your medical office’s liability risks.
You don’t need us to tell you that violence in the workplace has become a major societal problem. You probably also recognize that taking steps to…

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3 legal protections to include in your patient debt collection agency services contract

Outsourcing can be an effective way to overcome patient collection challenges. But it can also backfire if the collection agency you contract with uses illegal, unethical or insensitive collection tactics. One of the keys to…

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For a Colorado clinic, telecommuting fills the gap in long-term absences

A large Colorado clinic has started allowing staff to work from home. But unlike most employers, it doesn’t…

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Pregnancy discrimination: don’t let good intentions get you in trouble

By Paul Edwards  bio
Chances are, you would never intentionally discriminate against a pregnant employee, and your doctor(s) and team probably feel the…

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Beware of HIPAA-related text messaging risks

The ease, speed, and efficiency of mobile device-based text messaging has made it a primary communications tool among doctors and other health care providers, covered entities, and business associates. But this convenience can also lead to security risks, cautions Melissa (Lisa) Thompson, a shareholder in…

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