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Improving patient flow with one simple gadget

Having an efficient patient flow is, of course, good for your patients and good for your practice. However, despite all your efforts, sometimes a good flow is derailed during transitions from one stage of a patient’s visit to the next, negatively affecting both the patient’s experience and your practice’s productivity.

Fortunately, not every problem needs an expensive solution, as seen in this great tip shared by Dianne McKinnon, office manager of Eastman & Vempati in Chesterfield, MI.

We had an issue with our medical assistants not knowing when a patient was ready for a lab test or immunizations after the provider had seen the patient.

We now have a chart holder to put the router into that has a portable doorbell button next to it. When the provider is ready for the patient to have labs, immunizations, etc., they put the router/clipboard in the holder and they ring the doorbell.

The doorbell is loud enough for all the medical assistants, no matter where they are in the office, to hear it. The person who is responsible for working the lab then knows they have a chart to attend to.

This has been a huge help in expediting labs and immunizations for our patients.

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