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Five tips for better decision-making

When it comes to making decisions, intuition can be a powerful ally. Yet for most people, knowing how to tune in to their intuition and actually put it to use is almost always harder than it sounds.

“Especially when you need it most, such as when making important decisions, intuition can be difficult to hear due to mental chatter, fear, emotions or outside opinions,” says Michelle Ogata, creator of Intuition Journal, a mobile app that helps people develop their intuition.

“Although many people believe in the power of intuition, most have trouble tapping into it. As a result, people just end up feeling frustrated and confused when it comes to actually using intuition to make decisions.”

Intuition Journal is hoping to change all that, Ogata explains. The intuition app features specifically designed tools and techniques that train people how to access their intuition, strengthen it, and more importantly, learn how to apply it for their benefit in real life situations and use it alongside logic and rational analysis.

Here are five tips from Intuition Journal on how to access intuition and make better decisions:

– Quiet your mind: When the mind is quiet and still, it’s easier to pick up on subtle intuitive cues and guidance that can help you make better decisions. Meditation is an excellent way to do this. However, you can also quiet the mind by simply focusing on your breath.

– Ask questions: You can access your intuition by asking questions. The key is to clear your mind first and be in a relaxed state. Once the mind is calm, form a question regarding the issue you would like guidance on or decision you need to make, such as, “What is the best course of action regarding ____?” Notice the first answer that comes up.

– Write it out: One of the most direct ways to receive intuitive guidance is through free form writing – the act of writing in a free-flowing stream of consciousness without censoring your thoughts, over thinking, or worrying about spelling and grammar. Doing this allows your intuition to express itself without the rational mind controlling what comes out, providing a clearer channel and more accurate message.

– Keep a journal: Since intuition communicates in very subtle ways, it helps to start keeping track of intuitive clues by writing them down somewhere. For example, any hunches, gut feelings, ideas, a-ha! moments or synchronicities that you experience. This could also include anything that you perceive to be a “sign” or find potentially meaningful in some way, especially in regards to making a specific decision.

– Get moving: When you have trouble tuning in to your intuition, it helps to get your body moving. One easy way is to simply go for a walk. Doing so helps you clear your mind and be better able to tune in to the subtle messages from your intuition. But it doesn’t have to be a walk. Anything that gets your body in motion will do the trick.

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