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Choosing the right medical practice technology lease

By Nick Hernandez  bio
Medical practices often find themselves trying to keep pace with advancements in technology, but keeping up is easier said than done…

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Six HIPAA violations you may be missing

Is your practice HIPAA compliant? Are you sure? Most health-care providers take very seriously this federal mandate to protect patient privacy—at least in theory. In practice, however, lots of things get

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By following strict procedures, New York office has ‘a stellar year’

A three-physician New York City surgery practice had a stellar year. It attributes its success to the fact that everybody follows strict and detailed…

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5 purchasing tips that can save money for your medical practice

Cutting purchasing costs doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are five approaches to purchasing your…

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The key ingredients of a profitable medical practice

Medical office managers are often so focused on the day-to-day that it can be easy to lose sight of the…

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How to deliver a great presentation on any topic

To grow in the job, a manager has to communicate ideas and visions and recommendations. And the presentation of them…

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Your biggest job? Motivating your staff

By Steve M. Cohen  bio
There are a lot of tough jobs associated with managing a medical office. One of the most difficult is motivating your staff and keeping them motivated.
This area is difficult for several reasons. It’s intangible…

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Colorado practice cuts costs by hiring IT staffer

Manager Arlene Zimmerman had an IT cost awakening when the computer went down. She called in the vendor’s tech support and paid $100 to find out the computer was simply unplugged.
“I told myself ‘never again!'” says Zimmerman, who manages four-physician Colorado Springs Family Practice in Colorado Springs, CO. So she started on a path of building up as much IT support as possible in-house…

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How to handle a rude dude

As a medical office manager, you interact with a lot of people. There are staffers, contract workers, patients, sales reps, clinicians, and physicians, as well as service technicians, building and maintenance workers, and others.
Given that you are in contact with so many people, you are bound to come across a type of person that, unfortunately, is common to the human species:…

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Recovering from data corruption or loss

Many businesses, including medical practices, that rely heavily on network data to conduct business operations, interact with customers or patients, process payments, or for remote access for off-site employees believe they are protected from data loss or network failure because they have a “backup and recovery” system in place.
Unfortunately, this false sense of security can leave a company vulnerable to…

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