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How to handle the 4 most common types of “disconnected” staffers

Why don’t those staffers perform the way the manager wants them to perform? To a great extent it’s because there’s no connection between the staffer and the…

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21 easy ways to boost practice profitability fast

Simple changes to billing procedures, hiring policies, purchasing, patient relations, and other daily activities can have a positive impact on…

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Build your hiring muscles through advanced hiring techniques

Hiring is a critical task for every medical office manager, yet sometimes it may seem hard or nearly impossible to find, screen and hire great employees…

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Genetic testing emerges as new trendy workplace benefit

Companies competing for talent in a tight job market often look to their benefit packages to see what they can add to help their recruiting and…

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Job interviews: how to ask personal questions without committing discrimination

The job interview process is a breeding ground for discrimination complaints. One common mistake: asking job applicants…

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Can you turn Gen Yers into solid workers? And are you ready for Gen Z?

By Lynne Curry  bio
Your youngest employees grew up fast. September 11 happened in 2001, when the oldest of them was six. They’ve known severe economic recession, the War on Terror and global warming…

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Avoid costly errors in physician recruitment

What happened? That new doctor had good credentials and the office made a good offer. Why didn’t the hire…

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Do you make this costly interviewing mistake?

Don’t focus a job interview on whether the candidate can do the job. The purpose of an interview is not to evaluate hard skills or job experience or…

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Why your medical practice needs job descriptions

Small businesses, including medical practices, often try to get by without formal job descriptions. The thinking is the manager knows what…

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In California office, the training starts on day 1 and never ends

No manager can set expectations without giving staff the tools to achieve them, says a California administrator. And the main tool for it all is…

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