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Model HIPAA Privacy Reminder to Reception and Other Staff

Why you need this memo:

Your medical office staff understands the imperative of safeguarding personal health information (PHI) and wouldn’t let strangers roam about the facilities freely. But it’s easy for them to lower their guard when a former employee comes back to the practice, e.g., to pick up a final paycheck or just make a social call.

. . . download here


CY 2019 List of Medicare Telehealth Services

Why you need this tool:

Has your practice recently implemented telehealth? If so, you might not know which CPT codes are available for reimbursement.

. . . download here


Model Project Summary

Why you need this summary:

A rite of passage to becoming a great manager is learning to fail in a way that stretches you without breaking you and results in wisdom that improves your resilience and future decision-making. In other words, failure is not necessarily bad. Your ability to grow from the experience, however, depends on your willingness to honestly assess the good, the bad, and the ugly of what went wrong and why.

. . . download here


Model Tool: Office move checklist

Why you need this checklist:

When moving offices, there is no room for error. Every day that physicians can’t get into the new location or can’t see their patients, the practice is out of business. The key to success is good planning.

. . . download here


Model Tool: Checklist of steps to take when conducting an investigation

Why you need this checklist:

When an employee makes a complaint, whether it’s an accusation of sexual harassment, bullying or an alleged workplace safety hazard, you have an obligation to conduct a thorough and timely investigation. In many circumstances, the filing of a complaint sets in motion several legal and regulatory requirements for a business.

. . . download here


Model Section 1557 Civil Rights Grievance Procedure

Why you need this model policy and procedure:

Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires covered entities to adopt safeguards to avoid discriminating on the basis of…


Model Notice: Alcohol consumption at practice party

Why you need this notice:

Holiday and other office parties often include alcohol, and excessive alcohol consumption poses risks for employees.



Model Tool: Helpful breach notification resources

Why you need this list of resources:

HIPAA requires you have breach notification policies and procedures to ensure proper handling of a breach of unsecured protected health information (PHI).


Model Tool: Sample patient letters – missed appointment

Why you need this model tool:

Missed patient appointments affect scheduling and negatively impact practice revenue. Therefore, you want to let patients know that the practice takes missed appointments seriously – and you want to put it in writing.




Model Tool: Job description template

Why you need this model tool:

Job descriptions are critical management documents. A medical office manager should make sure there is a formal, written job description for every position.