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Model Tool: Employee referral form

Why you need this form:

Employee referral continues to be the No. 1 source of external hires. Good employees know other good employees, so why not tap this valuable pipeline of potential job candidates?



Model Tool: Catastrophic leave program donation form

Why you need this form:

Leave-sharing programs must meet certain criteria in order to be valid under the Internal Revenue Service’s general tax rules and under various state laws.


Model Form: ABC Medical Office use of social media for pre-employment screening

Why you need this assessment:

Information collected about individual job applicants is considered personal information subject to privacy laws, regardless of whether the information is publicly available online. You need to consider these privacy risks you face before using social media sites like Facebook to gather personal information about job applicants.


Model Form: Hepatitis B vaccine declination

Why you need this form:

Employees may decline being vaccinated against Hepatitis B and you must prove you offered the vaccination.



Model Form: ABC Medical Office notification to applicants of pre-employment screening

Why you need this screening notification:

Collecting information about job applicants from social media websites like Facebook can get you into legal hot water. That’s because the information you collect may be considered protected, personal information to the extent applicants can show they had a reasonable expectation of privacy in the material.