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Anatomy of a Lessons Learned summary

By Cheryl Toth, MBA  bio
What do you call the CEO of three failed start-up companies? Experienced…

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Try these no-cost ways to boost staff morale

To have good employees, an office “has to treat people right,” says Sabrina Hebert, manager of Northlake Surgical Associates…

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Survey: Patients prefer secure texting over patient portal communication from their physicians

Only 10 percent of patients prefer to receive physician communications via patient portals, whereas twice that many…

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Overloaded at work? Here’s what you should do

You have more work than you can handle—and no matter how hard you work, you can’t seem to get ahead. In fact, it’s gotten to the point that…

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10 rules for getting good press and new patients along with it

To get new business, your medical practice has to be the first place the patient calls. To make the call, the patient has to…

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Model Project Summary

Why you need this summary:

A rite of passage to becoming a great manager is learning to fail in a way that stretches you without breaking you and results in wisdom that improves your resilience and future decision-making. In other words, failure is not necessarily bad. Your ability to grow from the experience, however, depends on your willingness to honestly assess the good, the bad, and the ugly of what went wrong and why.

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5 efficiency-draining traps to avoid in your practice

By Karen Mattocks, Vice President of Business Development at RxVantage  bio
It is a practice manager’s worst nightmare. You arrive at work one morning and suddenly realize you no longer have a grip on…

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Matching your management style to your employee’s personality

Much like one bad apple, one bad employee can spoil the whole bunch in your office, says…

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Are erratic scheduling practices causing financial instability for your hourly employees

A study reveals that for today’s hourly workforce, missing a single shift comes at a steep cost. New research from WorkJam, a digital workplace platform, found that…

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4 immediate steps to take when an office romance blossoms

To meet that one special guy or gal. . . . It’s the stuff dreams are made of. But when that love connection takes place within…

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